Remote SQL DBA

Whatever your resourcing needs might be, Beacon Intelligence can provide the skilled SQL Server resource you need. The Remote SQL DBA Service is a monthly service available as a subscription or on an annual contract basis.

Our Core DBA Services
Not all situations require a full time employee at the wheel. You might need cover for a temporary staff shortage or extra assistance for a new project; augmenting your existing team or simply require some ongoing 24/7 support.
Proactive Database Management
Establishing the routines and procedures that help prevent performance issues and preventing potential data loss or corruption.
Capacity Planning and Trend Analysis
Providing deep insights into your databases behaviour. Acting proactively to address issues before they become service impacting problems.
Configuration and Optimisation
Continual examination of the configuration of the OS & SQL Server, ensuring optimal configuration to allow for best performance.
Agent Jobs and Notifications
Setup and configuration of maintenance activities. Investigate issues with any job failures. Ensure appropriate alerting and notifications are in place.
Database Installations and Upgrades
Installations of new instances or features. Patching of the SQL Server & Windows Installation.  Preparing for Migrations, evaluating & testing of HA & DR strategies
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Business As Usual

Your business environment is not
static and neither is your SQL Server.
As an ongoing overhead, we expect
some BAU activity .

You can scale our involvement
depending on how much your environment is changing.

Out of Hours

Every platform needs some maintenance and patching. It’s a fact of life!
You expect it, we expect it… but your customers don’t really care for it. 

We expect some regular out of hours work to take care of these activities to fit in with the schedule that you need.

Core Hours

Our business hours are:
9AM – 6PM (UTC) Monday to Friday
YOUR normal business hours
will become OUR core hours. 

Any work that is scheduled outside of core hours will be performed as an
Out of Hours incident/activity